In this service we offer Industrial robotics lab to engineering colleges / universities with complete industrial equipment, certified curriculum, NSDC certification in Robotics and modules are designed from year 1 to year 3 continued with industry projects and internships.



Prag Robotics is an industry for the industry. Leaps in automation and robotics has changed the manufacturing and service industry. Prag Robotics believes that educational institutions need just not ultra-modern laboratories but also adapting to the industry changes. The solution is to build a laboratory with the latest knowledge and skill imparting methodology. A fund was created that will be used to buy equipment and setup a laboratory on Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and IOT.

RoboLab-4.0 Program Highlights

Prag Robotics will assess your college/University for setting up a Lab within the college/university premises.

The RoboLab-4.0 is equipped with machinery, software, methodology and expert engineer.

This lab will be entirely funded by Prag Robotics, subject to approval.

Students and faculties from any engineering discipline can use the facility for a fee

The lab will be maintained and staffed by Prag Robotics for a period of 5 years

Periodic programs, competitions and industry projects may be announced by Prag Robotics

Artificial Intelligence and IOT may be included subject to suitable conditions