Next Generation Robotics (for schools): Offering robotics lab to schools with practical equipment, curriculum by eIIT-Delhi, AICRA certification… (for 6th to 12th Standard).

Prag Robotics and AICRA (All India Council for Robotics and Automation) presents

“The NxR Tamil Nadu Project”
Objective is to promote STEM education in school children through robotics program.

Robotics being a rapidly growing field, research, design, and development of new applications play a vital role in taking the Indian industry to new heights. The objective of the Next Generation Robotics Lab is to provide the learners a comprehensive coverage of the theory and practice in the area of robotics, to prepare them to take up advanced research.  The learning modules comprises advance level of knowledge of components, software, design and creative thought process that helps learners to develop projects.

The NxR provides following AICRA certification post completion of the program.

  • O – Level for beginners
  • A – Level for Learners
  • B – Level for mature Learners
  • C – Level for advance Technology
  • Extra – Advance Lab with Additional Programs & for technology Specialists

Project Highlights

All schools in Tamil Nadu with at least 1000 students from 6th to 12th standard are eligible to apply

Under this project a lab will be setup worth about 5 lakhs containing kits

Trainer, teaching material and entrance to district, regional and national level competitions will be provided for a period of 3 years.

School to provide infrastructure

Students can enroll in the program with a one-time registration fee and nominal monthly fee of INR 250/-