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Robotize your processes to improve productivity
Upskill your resources and incent employees
Customized interns to build billable workforce

Professional path begins at school...

Be top among the school community
Provide kids the tech-advantages
Supplement the STEAM education

Compete with global tutoring

Establish RoboLab 4.0 - technologies of next decades
Engineering empowered with competence
Contribution to employability

Ready work force for world’s changes

Convert pupil to workforce
Artificial Intelligence to Entrepreneurship
Reduce provider – procurer distance


Prag Robotics a team of expert professionals combined with its judicious engineering workforce, providing techno‑education to Schools & Colleges and process enhancement solutions and technological services to industries.

We, very quickly established a mark in manufacturing and academic circles because we don’t just preach but adopt a consultative personalized approach, that our customers Love.

Our ‘T-bridge’, a unique learning platform, constructed with the industry recommended skills & needs, facilitate the travel between “Students-Employers”, seamlessly.

L&D: Intricately designed technical programs empower our students to compete in the world of technology

R&D: Research platform for technological advancement development towards the envisaged “Industry 4.0”.

PRAG WINGS What Makes Us Special

Learning & Development

Our intricately designed programs with customization nurture our students to compete with the best in the world of robotics and A.I.

Research & Development

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Eta Improvements

A think-tank for process advancements which improves QCD [Quality-Cost-Delivery] of Organization across domains.

WE ARE HERE, BECAUSE Proud Associations growing...

At Prag Robotics, we are committed to solve problems, develop solutions that are innovative and sustainable. Prag's research hub determined to address key issues and deliver promising solutions using Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. We are in the process of developing a nifty Research Facility for developing impactful technological advancements that caters Industry 4.0

Our Expertise in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Quality Science gives us a unique ecosystem to discover our creations in Smart Transportation, Home Automation and Autonomous Robotics. We are envisioned to build Intelligent systems that can support education and care in the millennial age.

Smart Transportation

A.I, IoT and Robotics have transformed the transportation industry. Amidst evolving smart cities and ever changing infra structure, striving to develop a hassle-free AI powered material handling and transportation equipment.

Home Automation

Just not in Industries, Offices and Society but, we strive to automate the house operations too! Yes... in the move of building secure and safe intelligent systems


Autonomous Robots

Autonomous behavior is a very important trait in Mobile Robots. We, specialize in building Autonomous Robots for Warehouse Automation, Exploration and Education purposes.


UV Disinfection Systems

Sanitation and Disinfection are critical not only during pandemic times. We develop Intelligent systems and robots that can keep your environment infection free.


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Awarness Programms

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School Students

4503 +
Engineering Students

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